Insurance Information :

Dr. Miller is a contracted provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield (PPO Plans only). Dr. Miller accepts payment from most other insurance plans as well and submits insurance claims as a courtesy to patients. If Dr. Miller is not a contracted provider within your insurance plan network, services will be considered Out of Network. 

Payment for services is the patient's responsibility. Please verify benefits with your insurance company prior to receiving treatment. Please call the office for more information.  

Please note: Medicaid/Public Aid does not reimburse for psychological services provided by psychologists. Due to this, Medicaid/Public Aid is not accepted.   

Fee Schedule:  (Dr. Miller provides a Free Initial Phone Consultation to discuss prospective patient needs & suitability. )


      Diagnostic Session (Initial visit or Reevaluation/Restart of treatment) $ 220.00 

      30 Minute Individual Session (over 15 minutes in length) $ 90.00 

     45 Minute Individual Session (over 37 minutes in length) $ 140.00 

     60 Minute Individual Session (over 52 minutes in length) $ 190.00 

     Family Psychotherapy Session $ 200.00 

     Crisis Psychotherapy  (Up to 60 minutes in length)  $ 250.00                

     Crisis Psychotherapy  (Each additional 30 minutes)  $ 120.00

Psychological Testing:     

     Psychological Testing Services $ 175.00/hr.

NeuroPsychological Testing:

      Initial Deposit Required $ 500.00 

     Neuropsychological Testing Services $ 200.00/hr. 

     25-30 Minutes Neuropsychological Testing Services $ 100.00 

     10-15 Minutes Neuropsychological Testing Services $ 45.00 

(Above Fees Apply to Test Scoring, Interpretation and Report Writing.) 

Optional Services & Fee Schedule :

(The following services are generally not covered by insurance companies.) 

      Brief Letter $ 25.00 - $ 45.00 

     Referral Letter or Treatment Summary: General/Complex $ 190.00 - $350.00. 

     Telephone Calls 15 Minutes or Greater $ 45.00/ each 15 min. 

     Telephone Consultations: with patient, parents, doctors, school staff, 

              parenting coordinators, case workers & other professionals. $ 45.00/ each 15 min.

      FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) forms (not done in session) $ 45.00  

     Attendance at School Staffings/IEP Meetings $ 200.00/hr. 

     Travel Time Reimbursement $ 50.00/ each 15 min. 

     Psychoeducational Evaluation (IQ & Achievement Testing) $ 175.00/hr. (2-4 hrs.) 

     Comprehensive Report (History/Diagnosis, Results, & Recommendations) $ 350.00 

     Questionairre for Children/Adolescents (ADHD Mood Conduct) $ 10.00 per form                

     Psychological Evaluation Report (History & Diagnosis only) $ 250.00 

Courtroom Testimonies and Depositions:

     First Hour or Fraction $ 250.00/hr. 

     Each Additional Hour or Fraction $ 200.00/hr. 

     Travel Time (Roundtrip) will also be Charged at $ 200.00/hr. 

(The Above Fees Generally Include all Preparation for Court Prior to Appearance) 

      Legal: Attorney Calls, Reports, Testimony Preparation & Court Appearances $ 250.00/hr. 

      Preparation of Copies of Client Records $ 50.00 

( All Fees are subject to change without notice. Please verify fees prior to initial treatment.)

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